Message from President


Sadar Uddin Ahmed Choudhury

Few words about Sylhet Station Club Limited from the desk of President of the Club

In The last Part of nineteenth century British planters started coming Sylhet for tea plantation. They cultivated more than one hundred gardens in this zone and thus the north-eastern part of the country became known as tea growing land. The planters divided the tea area of Sylhet in seven valleys, namely Laskarpur, Balishira, Dalai, Manu, Lungla, Jurri and North Sylhet Valley and established seven different clubs that is one club for one valley, which are still functioning with glory. As Sylhet town was station of all valleys, they formed a club here and named it as Station Club. The European people used the club as a transit point for their business meetings, entertainment and continuous interactions among themselves. They ran the Club till 1947. Immediate after the independence from the colonial regime, in the year 1948, nine elite of the then society namely Aminur Rashid Chowdhury, Bonabir Lal Das, Bimolengshu Sen Gupta, Kalipada Chowdhury, Captain Rashid Ahmed, Narendra Narayan Chowdhury, Samarendra Narayan Chowdhury, Khan Bahadur Abdul Hye Chowdhury and Binod Lal Das took over the responsibility of the Club from the British management. After 24 years elapsed from the history, Bangladesh got liberated from Pakistan in the year 1971. Even after that, the Club continues running with sports, cultural events, literary-recreational activities and social contributions as well. Our Club celebrated its Centenary of Pride and 125 years of Tradition in 1989 and 2011 respectively. Meanwhile Sylhet Station Club has been incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies on July 20, 2006 bearing issue number C- 64160(1651)/06. Sylhet Station Club Limited is one of the pioneer clubs in Bangladesh which has got reciprocal affiliation with the ancient clubs of the country and abroad. Thanks with the best wishes from the core of the heart.



Sadar Uddin Ahmed Choudhury